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Saturday, May 30, 2020

How to download Trainz Simulator on android (easy method)

Trainz simulator is a Excellent high graphic train simulation game for android And in this article i gonna tell your how you can download trainz simulator on your android device (easily)

Step 2 Install apk

After Downloading the apk Install Trainz simulator apk on your Android device

How to Install Apk?

After your download process Get finished Open your file manager app navigate to your device download folder once you find the apk Install The (Apk) on your android device

If you receive a notification like app form unknown sources then go to your Android device settings and grant permission to your browser app to install the app from unknown sources

Step- 3 then open app and download 230mb file in game

After you open trainz simulator you get pop up of download determine 230mb file so download it and when the Download process get finished your game will get crashed on first download so download it again on second download your game will work perfectly

Note you can skip step 4 if you don't want to install Indian add-ons

Step-4 download Wdm 2a

Download now
Download this wdm 2a if you wanna play game properly with Indian add-ons
Then definitely download this 
After downloading it open z archiver then go to Android>data>com.n3vgames>userdata>original>then create folder name this folder hash-01 extract this file there then go back and delete asset.tdx in userdata
Then go back and go to prebuilt and also delete asstet.tdx form there
Then open your game and enjoy


Hope this article is helpful for you
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