Sunday, 17 May 2020

Get (Gaming mode) On Any Android device enhance your gaming experience

Get (Gaming mode) On Any Android device enhance your gaming experience

In 2020 Many heavy games are released for android devices such as forza Street cyber hunter fortnite pubg mobile etc and these games lags a lot specially on low end devices and here the way to fix this lag problem permanently in this post I gonna provide you a app which gonna help you to  boost your Android device gaming performance with this app you can not only boost your android device Gaming performance you can also block notifications,calls And you also get lots of fetaures on this app 

How to use gaming mode app?

Gaming mode is very easy to use user friendly app you can get this app on play store just open your play store and search "gaming mode"
Then install this one

After installing this app now you have to grant all permission to app which this app ask you to give

How to Setup

Set-up of This app is very easy 
This app also provides you tutorial 
Setup you want notifications while games or not
Setup how much screen brightness you want while playing games
Setup how much volume you want while playing games

Wrapping up

Gaming mode is a pretty good app for gamers it's provides you lot's of features to enhance your gaming experience and that's it for this article
I hope you might find this article helpful 
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