top 5 indian train simulator games for android mobile 2020

top 5 indian train simulator games for android mobile 2020

    So guys are you tired of playing old indian train simulator games and finding best new indian train simulation games for android?  So your reasearch end here we have listed best (Indian) train simulator games of 2020 in this article So Without wasting anymore time let's get straight into it

    1 Trainz simulator

    Trainz simulator is an awesome game to try 
    Because in this game you can make your own routes and you can drive your train On your routes you need to add add-ons in this game you can find lots of add-ons and routes on YouTube

    2 Indian train simulator

    Indian train simulator is one of the oldest
    Indian train simulator (game) released for android device by highbrow interactive
    This game have awesome graphics 
    And awesome tracks sounds also you get 
    Lot's of locomotives and coaches and routes in this game and you can download these in game (easily)

    3 Train Zimulator

    Train Zimulator is one of the highest graphics Indian train simulator game available on android this game was removed from play store but you can download form the link below

    4 Indian train simulator 2020

    This was a excellent game to try if you are a railfan this game have great graphics and long distance routes 

    5 Indian train traveler

    Indian train traveler is based on passenger so you can not drive trains in this game but you can play this game as passenger point of view you need to purchase tickets to start your journey and you can purchase foods you can travel in different different trains and on different different routes

    Bouns Indian local train simulator

    Here is the one more bonus game
    Indian Local Train Simulator is Highbrow Interactive's train simulation game  based on Indian city of Mumbai. This wonderfully detailed game has all the features present in the flagship Indian Train Simulator and is presented in a easy to play package that is suitable for all gamers of all ages and experience. 

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