area f2 (5) Tips & tricks be a pro (beginner guide)

Wanna be pro player in arena F2? Then keep reading this article because in this article i gonna explain you 5 Tips & Tricks for arena F2 which helps to perform good in game

Use claw

If you not using claw in arena F2 now 
Then start using it because claw have many advantages also arena f2 not have gyroscope feature so claw will help you to increase your reaction time 

Spend time in practice room

Do you know practice room really helps you to improve your gameplay if you are not spending time in practice room then try to send time in practice room it's really helps you to improve your gameplay 

How to practice in practice room?

  1. Practice drills
  2. Kill the dummy enemy's as fast you can
  3. Explore maps in practice room
  4. Make muscle memory of your layout
  5. Practice better recoil control

Make your team

If you play with randoms then I prefer you to Make your own team or join any (clan)
Because a permanent team helps you to perform better in game 

Benefits of choosing a permanent team?

  1. Your snergy helps the whole team to perform better
  2. You can go to competitive tournaments  If your skills are good enough
  3. They always open mic (Many randoms don't)

Use headphones

Believe me, headphones help you to locate your enemy's location some people play without earphones and that's a big disadvantage must use a earphones

Benefits of using an earphone

  1. It helps you to locate an opponent's location 
  2. Earphones provide you 3d sound
  3. The earphone has a mic so you can communicate better with your teammates with it
  4. Earphones reduce noises which helps you to focus on the game 

You get better day by day

You can not be pro in one day but if you play any game consistently your skills will start rising day by day 


Here are some bouns tips

Use high sensitivity preset it's it helps you to control recoil better and to aim faster!
Last but not least

Use max fps and set graphics to low 
You get more fps by using low graphic settings and high fps will help you to perform better and it will reduce lag also

Wrapping up 

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