Thursday, 9 April 2020

How to overcome panic while playing mobile games (ultimate guide)

In lot's of situations you get panic while playing games especially in online games 
In This post I gonna explain to you how you can conquer your panic situation's

Don't overthink

Overthinking is a major reason you get panic while playing games so don't overtly think for example


What you think - if I lose my rank will decrease another example if I lose my teammates think I am a noob player

What you need to think - think the strategy to conquer your enemy's 


The practice is the best way to improve in
any game practice is the best way to perform well so try to consume time in the training room as much you can and practice drills to improve your gameplay

Gather experience

Experience is the main factor to overcome panic because if you have more experience of the game you playing then chances of you get panic will reduce automatically and your confidence will increase 

Friendship with pros

Try to be friends of a pro gamer who have a name in the gaming community learn strategies form them if you do not have that much name in the community and they not accepting your request then
Watch videos of them and see how plays and to try a play like them 

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