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Saturday, March 21, 2020

7 things That Make You a Better Gamer

Are You a Pro Gamer? I know you are a pro Gamer That's why you reading this article but are you a Better Gamer? I am not talking about skills in this post I gonna talk about 7 things that make you a better Gamer ( nice person/good Gamer) so without wasting anymore time let's go straight into it

1 Ego is key to get haters

If you are a pro (Gamer) or (gaming content creator) then be heartful don't show attitude to reply someone if you don't want to reply that's it not reply but do not reply with anger messages to a person which sending you messages because without of them you are nothing

2 Don't call noob to someone

(Players) (teams) (Creators)
If you do this silly thing then it shows how professional you are in the gaming industry
If you do such things then start avoiding it

3 Don't Get involve or create controversy

You can learn from recently happen controversy

Sixless vs Indian gamers

Sixless put stories on their official Instagram
Sixless called Noobs to Indian pro teams like soul
And they abusing Indians players for not a valid reason

And you can see how his following he lost by this drama
And he get kicked form cloud 9 team also

So I don't think I need to explain anything about this because you can learn from this controversy how controversy can destroy your career in seconds

4 don't use hacks to get more kills to get more views on (streams/videos)

If you do hacking One day your fans will get know about it and when you get exposed by someone or you expose yourself
You get lot's of hates form your fans
So if you hacking is worst

5 Be a Nice person first to be a Better Gamer

You can learn these form popular gamers like shroud and Mortal you can watch these 2 guys on their streams on how heartful these guys are and attitude level of these guys are very less apart from skills and content that's why they guys are popular

6 Spending too much time on games

It's ok if you doing for your gaming career but if you do not want to be an involved in Esports industry then you should not spend that much time on games because your career is also important but if you have plans to make your career in gaming then scout Said say the line in their recent interview
No need to play 7 hours to improve yourself
How much time you are spending on the game it's doesn't matter how you are training your self that's matter

7 don't get offended on hate which you get 

if you get offended on hat then you are still unprofessional because you can not stop getting hate even when India wins cricket match by any player people cheer form them and when India loss by that player mistake people throw rocks on That player house so you can not stop hate but don't get offended form it learns to form it why you getting hate how you reduce your hate
And how you can improve yourself


I hope you like the post and it helps you to rock in your gaming journey and to avoid mistakes that maybe end your career

If you find any mistake in this article then sorry because I am Also not a pro-Witter but I was Gamer and which experience I was getting day by day I was written on this article and I hope it's helpful for you

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