Pubg Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Major update leaked Night Mode,New Lobby, custom room

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.16.0 update Is Coming 
Next month and many features of this update is leaked And This Post we gonna talk about them I show images of that features also 
And This is a major update
affter this update you get lot's of new things to try You are getting custom room feature in this update same as pubg mobile
You Also Get Night mode in this update
And Lot's of new Stuffs

According to our research

This Update Is gonna be amazing
You get night mode and lot's improvements in game

And this when will this update is arrive on pubg mobile lite? This update release date expected by us  between

February 25 to 3 March

What Is Coming On Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 update?

In pubg mobile lite 0.16.0 update
Lot's of new stuff coming
You Will Get Lot's of new stuffs like
  • Night mode
  • Graphics improvements
  • Now you can create custom rooms
  • Anti cheat will get improve
  • Bug fixes
  • Minnor improvements in game
  • Etc

Night mode 

Night mode in night mode you get day night scale in your pubg mobile match which is awesome you also get night vision glasses to spot enemy's in night night mode is also come on pubg mobile before so pubg mobile lite night would be similar to Pubg Mobile one if you wanna know how will night mode look like so you can watch gameplay videos of pubg mobile night mode on you tube

Custom room

Affter this update you can create custom room in pubg mobile lite same as pubg mobile you get room cards to create custom room's custom room is custom match basically you can make custom room for tournaments and for making videos or you can create custom room while live streaming on YouTube to play with you subscribers

When Pubg Mobile Lite 0.16.0 update is comeing?

according to our research you can expect pubg mobile lite 0.16.0 update between 25 February to 3 March


No doubt Pubg mobile lite 0.16.0 update is awesome I hope your all queries and doubts regarding to pubg mobile lite 0.16.0 update is solved if you still have any questions queries doubts then feel free to ask in comments
Arjun Hey my name is Arjun Love to write articles Blogging since 2018

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