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  • Best Pubg Mobile competitive Teams Of India

     Best Pubg Mobile Esports  Teams of India

    Hi Guys Welcome to it's Arjun in this post we gonna Talk about best esports Pubg Mobile Teams of india
    So without wasting anymore time let's get in to it


      Soul Is A one is of The Most Popular esports clan of India and soul is owned by Naman mathur As know as (Soul Mortal)

      Team Soul Famous for there incredible strategies and for there incredible wins


      Team Soul is Winner of dream hack 2018
      Team Soul is Winner of  pubg mobile India series pmis 
      On Pmis Team Soul Is Come on 1st place 
      Team Soul is also come on 1st place on Pmco spring split India 


      Fnatic Is a Famous organization in esports fnatic is a foreign organization
      Fnatic is one of the best organization is esports they have their lineups in different different games not only pubg mobile

      fnatic have There India lineups also 
      The most famous lineup of fnatic in India is scout,owais,rounak,Ash,paritosh

      Finatic pubg mobile lineup have's best players of India of pubg mobile


      Scout know for their recoil control and for their assaulting skills scout is a on of best assaulter of india

      Owais know  for there strategies and For there reflex and movements owais play with 5 finger claw that's why his name is octo owais 

      Rounak is a all rounder a good sniper a assaulter


      Winner Of Pmas


      Entity is a Indian esports organization
      Entity plays competitive in games like csgo,pubg,DotA,etc but entity have's there pubg mobile team and they are performing
      very good in esports scenario


      Entity Ghatak
      Entity clutch God
      Entity Jonathan
      Entity neyoooooo
      Entity zgod


      Pmco fall Split South Asia 1st place
      Pmas 4 place
      Pmco fall Split gobal finals 5th

      8 bit

      8 bit is a Indian esports organization owned by 8 bit thug
      8 bit was oldest Indian esports organization
      8 bit play competitive in clash Royale,pubg mobile

      Etg brawlers



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