when is vikendi coming to pubg pc lite?

when is vikendi coming to pubg pc lite?
The developers of pubg pc lite posted a trailer on their official channel of vikendi map
In 2019 but 2020 started now still vikendi is not available on pubg pc lite to play so when is vikendi map coming? To pubg pc lite if you wanna know this then in this post you get expected date of pubg pc lite vikendi map

    When Is Vikendi map come

    According to our research when vikendi map is coming on pubg pc lite 
    we will get this map end of this month and this map will be available soon

    Pre Register For Vikendi map

    Pubg pc lite developers also made a pre registration page for people who want to play vikendi map on Test Server's register on it also if you wanna play vikendi map fast 

    Pre register now for vikendi map

    What is vikendi map

    Vikendi is a 6x6 snow map and it's available on pubg mobile,pubg pc now to play
    But it's also coming soon on pubg pc lite as well  

    Vikendi map information

    Code name-dihorotok
    Type-snow forest,mountains,rivers

    Pubg pc lite vikendi map release date

    Not official date expected by us

    16 January 2020


    I hope guys your doubts queries regarding to vikendi map got solved if you still have any questions and queries regarding vikendi map feel free to ask ask in comments