Farming Simulator 16 is now free on Android devices (officially)

Farming Simulator 16 is a brilliant farming simulation game on android published by GIANTS SOFTWARE Farming Simulator price was 4.99$ USD when it was released For android devices And now Giants Software giving this game for free! I recommend you to download this game if you love simulation games 

Farming Simulator 16 screenshots

Captain America arrives in fortnite

Captain America skin is now available to purchase in fortnite (game) Announced  by Epic games If you purchase this skin in game You also Get captain America Shield and this Shield isn't a showpiece you can also use this Shield as a pickaxe in game 
And your character can wear this Shield on their back 

Watch this trailer 
This captain America Skin costs 
(2,000 ) V bucks

And There's Also a brand new Captain America themed Emote The emote costs 300 V-bucks.

Pubg Dev Revealed Photos of Sanhok 2.0 Coming Improved Version of Sanhok

A Pubg Dev revealed photos of new sanhok map on Twitter And They Writed #New sanhok So it's mean Pubg Devs are working on remastered version of sanhok map like They Are remastered wrangle map now they are working on Sanhok 2.0 

Here is the images which (pubg dev) Alex posted on Twitter

Some information about Sanhok 2.0

In this images you can clearly see bootcamp and some other locations of sanhok map
And you can clearly see difference in location currently only 4 images are available we will update if we find more images

Tell us Which one you like old Sanhok? or new Sanhok? thanks for reading

Realistic Indian Railroad crossing New train Simulation Game (review)

This game is a recently released game for Android Devicesand this game is made in india And if you are railfan you will gonna love this game this game based on railway crossings Once the game started , you are free to move. Go to the Controller and press 'Open' to open the gate and press 'Close' to close the gate.

Is this a good game?

Yes it's a excellent train Simulation Game to try if you are a railfan Experience the Realistic Indian Train Crossing Simulation

(Download link)
Apk Click here

PPSSPP Gold : Apk free download v1.9.4 (13 MB) (Latest)

Playstation portable is an Legendry console
And everyone wants to play this console games if you not have playstation portable  you can also play this console games by using PPSSPP emulator on android devices

App info

 Version 1.9.4
 Size 13 MB
 Required Android 2.3 or above
 Article updated on  26 June 2020

App Overview

Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition with extra features!

PPSSPP Is an great emulator to play playstaion portable game on android
PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP emulator for Android. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power of your device all may not run at full speed. 

What is playstation portable?

When we talk about best consoles we always put Playstation portable on this list because this console have excellent games and this console also have some exclusive games

Download PPSSPP Gold 

Download this apk and install this apk in your android device

How To Install PPSSPP Gold  Apk?

after your download process get finished Open your file manager app navigate to your device download folder once you find the apk
install the apk on your Android device

Fix error

If you receive a notification like app form unknown sources then go to your Android device settings and grant permission to your browser app to install the app from unknown sources

App screenshots


Qn- PPSSPP Emulator run in 1gb ram device?
Ans-yes but you will face fps drops in some games
Qn- can we play multiplayer using PPSSPP Gold
Ans- yes you can play multiplayer but in some games which supports multiplayer
Qn- PPSSPP Gold support controler?
Ans- yes PPSSPP Gold support controlers if you have any controler which supports android phone you can use with this emulator


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How to download Trainz Simulator on android (easy method)

Trainz simulator is a Excellent high graphic train simulation game for android And in this article i gonna tell your how you can download trainz simulator on your android device (easily)

Step1: Download apk

Bro Click On Any Ads Then Copy Ads URL (LINK) And Then Paste Ads URL In 
Click Here To Get Download Link 
Box To Verify , Then You Can Download Your Files

Step 2 Install apk

After Downloading the apk Install Trainz simulator apk on your Android device

How to Install Apk?

After your download process Get finished Open your file manager app navigate to your device download folder once you find the apk Install The (Apk) on your android device

If you receive a notification like app form unknown sources then go to your Android device settings and grant permission to your browser app to install the app from unknown sources

Step- 3 then open app and download 230mb file in game

After you open trainz simulator you get pop up of download determine 230mb file so download it and when the Download process get finished your game will get crashed on first download so download it again on second download your game will work perfectly

Note you can skip step 4 if you don't want to install Indian add-ons

Step-4 download Wdm 2a

Download now
Download this wdm 2a if you wanna play game properly with Indian add-ons
Then definitely download this 
After downloading it open z archiver then go to Android>data>com.n3vgames>userdata>original>then create folder name this folder hash-01 extract this file there then go back and delete asset.tdx in userdata
Then go back and go to prebuilt and also delete asstet.tdx form there
Then open your game and enjoy


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Gta Liberty City Stories (Apk+Obb) in Just (400 MB) Highly compressed

Gta Liberty City Stories (Apk+Obb) in Just (400 MB)

    Gta Liberty City Stories is An great game for for android devices but size of this game is too Large also it's a paid game but don't worry Because in this post iam gonna tell you how you can download Gta Liberty City Stories on your Android device in just (400 MB) and for free




     Ram1 GB
     Processer  (Any good processer)
     Storage 1 GB free storage
     Android version 4.0 Or above
     GPU supports all GPU


    Before downloading the game check out some information about Gta Liberty City Stories
    Gta Liberty City Stories is very popular game
    Get ready to head back to the East Coast as Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories returns to mobile devices. With shorter, streamlined missions designed with mobile gameplay in mind, this definitive open-world adventure has been remastered for Android with extensive graphic enhancements, rebalanced touch controls and cross platform saves.


     Game  Info
     Genre open world
     Ratings 4.4
     Downloads 100k+
     DeveloperRockstar games
     Version latest version

    Gta Liberty City Stories Screenshots

    Download Apk and obb

    How To Install Gta Liberty City Stories Apk?

    after your download process get finished Open your file manager app navigate to your device download folder once you find the apk
    install the apk on your Android device

    How to fix this error?

    If you receive a notification like app form unknown sources then go to your Android device settings and grant permission to your browser app to install the app from unknown sources

    What To Do With Gta Liberty City Stories Obb?

    After downloading the "Obb" file open z archiver app not have z archiver? Click here to Download
    Open z archiver app then go on that folder where your obb file is then click on obb file
    Then it's show's you many options just click on 
    "Extract here" than it asks you for a password so just enter this password
    Which I provided "below"


    After extracting the "Obb" file you get a folder named com.rockstargames.gtasa 
    So just (cut/copy) it and then go to internalmemory>android>obb paste it here

    After it just simply open your (game)
    Then your game will work perfectly



    I hope you might find this article helpful and enjoying gta Liberty City Stories on your android device and your game Working fine If you have any problem or any doubts then feel free to ask in comments 

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    top 5 indian train simulator games for android mobile 2020

      So guys are you tired of playing old indian train simulator games and finding best new indian train simulation games for android?  So your reasearch end here we have listed best (Indian) train simulator games of 2020 in this article So Without wasting anymore time let's get straight into it

      1 Trainz simulator

      Trainz simulator is an awesome game to try 
      Because in this game you can make your own routes and you can drive your train On your routes you need to add add-ons in this game you can find lots of add-ons and routes on YouTube

      2 Indian train simulator

      Indian train simulator is one of the oldest
      Indian train simulator (game) released for android device by highbrow interactive
      This game have awesome graphics 
      And awesome tracks sounds also you get 
      Lot's of locomotives and coaches and routes in this game and you can download these in game (easily)

      3 Train Zimulator

      Train Zimulator is one of the highest graphics Indian train simulator game available on android this game was removed from play store but you can download form the link below

      4 Indian train simulator 2020

      This was a excellent game to try if you are a railfan this game have great graphics and long distance routes 

      5 Indian train traveler

      Indian train traveler is based on passenger so you can not drive trains in this game but you can play this game as passenger point of view you need to purchase tickets to start your journey and you can purchase foods you can travel in different different trains and on different different routes

      Bouns Indian local train simulator

      Here is the one more bonus game
      Indian Local Train Simulator is Highbrow Interactive's train simulation game  based on Indian city of Mumbai. This wonderfully detailed game has all the features present in the flagship Indian Train Simulator and is presented in a easy to play package that is suitable for all gamers of all ages and experience. 

      Get (Gaming mode) On Any Android device enhance your gaming experience

      Get (Gaming mode) On Any Android device enhance your gaming experience

      In 2020 Many heavy games are released for android devices such as forza Street cyber hunter fortnite pubg mobile etc and these games lags a lot specially on low end devices and here the way to fix this lag problem permanently in this post I gonna provide you a app which gonna help you to  boost your Android device gaming performance with this app you can not only boost your android device Gaming performance you can also block notifications,calls And you also get lots of fetaures on this app 

      How to use gaming mode app?

      Gaming mode is very easy to use user friendly app you can get this app on play store just open your play store and search "gaming mode"
      Then install this one

      After installing this app now you have to grant all permission to app which this app ask you to give

      How to Setup

      Set-up of This app is very easy 
      This app also provides you tutorial 
      Setup you want notifications while games or not
      Setup how much screen brightness you want while playing games
      Setup how much volume you want while playing games

      Wrapping up

      Gaming mode is a pretty good app for gamers it's provides you lot's of features to enhance your gaming experience and that's it for this article
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      Hd containers for trainz simulator android 29 mb only

      Hi Guys it's Arjun form and in this post I  gonna sharing hd freight train containers with you for trainz simulator android this containers have great graphics and animations and  This Containers size is very less (only 29 mb)

      Screenshots Of Containers

       Type Coach
       Contain 1 container
       Graphics hd
       Size 29 mb
       Interior viewavailable

      Download link

      Hd containers for trainz

      extract the zip file and put the files in device memory android data com.n3vgames orginal create hash then paste in on that hash

      success You have successfully installed Containers

      area f2 (5) Tips & tricks be a pro (beginner guide)

      Wanna be pro player in arena F2? Then keep reading this article because in this article i gonna explain you 5 Tips & Tricks for arena F2 which helps to perform good in game

      Use claw

      If you not using claw in arena F2 now 
      Then start using it because claw have many advantages also arena f2 not have gyroscope feature so claw will help you to increase your reaction time 

      Spend time in practice room

      Do you know practice room really helps you to improve your gameplay if you are not spending time in practice room then try to send time in practice room it's really helps you to improve your gameplay 

      How to practice in practice room?

      1. Practice drills
      2. Kill the dummy enemy's as fast you can
      3. Explore maps in practice room
      4. Make muscle memory of your layout
      5. Practice better recoil control

      Make your team

      If you play with randoms then I prefer you to Make your own team or join any (clan)
      Because a permanent team helps you to perform better in game 

      Benefits of choosing a permanent team?

      1. Your snergy helps the whole team to perform better
      2. You can go to competitive tournaments  If your skills are good enough
      3. They always open mic (Many randoms don't)

      Use headphones

      Believe me, headphones help you to locate your enemy's location some people play without earphones and that's a big disadvantage must use a earphones

      Benefits of using an earphone

      1. It helps you to locate an opponent's location 
      2. Earphones provide you 3d sound
      3. The earphone has a mic so you can communicate better with your teammates with it
      4. Earphones reduce noises which helps you to focus on the game 

      You get better day by day

      You can not be pro in one day but if you play any game consistently your skills will start rising day by day 


      Here are some bouns tips

      Use high sensitivity preset it's it helps you to control recoil better and to aim faster!
      Last but not least

      Use max fps and set graphics to low 
      You get more fps by using low graphic settings and high fps will help you to perform better and it will reduce lag also

      Wrapping up 

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      How to download free fire on jio phone (complete tutorial)

      How to download free fire on jio phone (complete tutorial)

      Many websites and YouTube videos on internet claims you can download garena free fire on your jio phone but what's the reality let's find out

      Garena free fire is the most downloaded battle royale game on play store
      Garena free fire have massive 500 million+ 

      Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on Mobile devices. Each 10 minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their landing, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. To be #1 

      No doubt free fire is an excellent game to play but when we comes to jio phone it's run on kai os and garena free fire supports with android and ios devices only 

      So when we comes to jio phone it's impossible to play garena free fire in jio phone
      Lot's of articles and youtube videos claims you can download free fire in jio phone it was fake

      Reasons why free fire cannot be installed on jio phone

      1. Jio phone runs on kai os and free fire only supports that devices which are run on android or ios
      2. Jio phone have very less amount of ram and storage to run garena free fire sufficiently 
      3. Jio phones not have touch screen Garena free fire controls require a touch screen smartphone phone and jio phone was a qwerty keypad phone
      4. Jio phone can easily run apps like-YouTube,Facebook,whatsapp, But if you want to run garena free fire on jio phone it's impossible

      Then what to do?

      I suggest rather than wasting your time and your data on these types videos and articles that claiming you can download free fire on jio phone 
      you should purchase a smartphone 
      To play free fire because you can not run free fire in jio phone 

      Wrapping up

      I hope you find this post helpful
      And your many doubts got solved
      If still have any queries feel free to ask in comments

      Minecraft pe apk download in just (90 MB)

      Minecraft is a well know game and available on all platforms to play pc, Android, iOS, Xbox,ps4 but Minecraft is a paid game but doesn't worry in this post I am gonna tell you how you can get Minecraft on your Android device for completely free 

      Millions of Minecraft players have smashed billions of blocks! Now you can also join the fun!

      Explore the infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore, and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10.


      App info
      App NameMinecraft
      App Size100 MB
      Supported OnAndroid 4.3+
      Last updated3 May 2020
      Available OnPlaystore


      Android version 4.3
      Storage 16gb
      Ram 2gb

      Minecraft apk download

      Minecraft Apk
      Minecraft latest version apk File Size 100MB
      Minecraft pocket edition is awesome game

      Steps to install apk

      Steps to install Minecraft apk
      1. Download the apk
      2. Then install the apk on your device
      3. If you get app form unknown sources notification 

      Then do this
      If you receive a notification like an app from unknown sources then go to your Android device settings and grant permission to your browser app to install the app from unknown sources


      • Qn-can I play Minecraft with my friends?
      • Ans-Yes you can play Minecraft with your friends
      • Qn-is Minecraft is a good game?
      • Ans-Yes Minecraft is an excellent game
      • Qn-Can I sign in with my Xbox account in this apk?
      • Ans-Yes in this apk you can sign with Xbox app account to play this game with your friends


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      Download Minecraft apk free
      Reviewed by gamerspradiseon May 9, 2020
      Rating: 5